June 12, 2011

June 2011 Squidoo Payout

This month Squidoo payday came on the 10th, which is earlier than it has in a long while. I've received $453 to my PayPal, so slightly less than last month, but still a pretty nice amount. I "blame" Amazon which only made me 4% of this payout (or more precisely, I blame my inability to make awesome sales lenses).

Let's take a look at those Squidoo payment tiers for June 2011 payout now:

Ad pool

Tier 1: $25.31
Tier 2: $4.30
Tier 3: $0.22


Tier 1: $5.74
Tier 2: $0.98
Tier 3: $0.05


Tier 1: $1.24
Tier 2: $0.21
Tier 3: $0.01

Squidoo has undergone lots of big changes in the past few weeks. Lens redesign, removal of SquidCasts, favorites and fanclubs, the addition of Google +1 button for Giants and all that stuff. I do like the direction things seem to be going, however - optimizing the site and making it more streamlined and faster.

Two other recent changes might also deserve your attention. First of all, SquidU is now moderated by lensmasters only, and although the staff might drop in from time to time, it's now a playground of Squidoo community only. Hopefully this will give the staff more time to work on important things instead of cleaning up Rolex, Nike, credit repair and other spam posts on the forums.

If you wish to make yourself heard by Squidoo staff without sending a bug report, you can post a comment on SquidooHQ.com (now with your Squidoo login as well), or perhaps even submit a question to the new Q&A Panel. This way your concerns will get more attention than they could have on SquidU before.

Another change that was just added is the option to enter your own Google Analytics ID in your profile. Doing this allows you to track stats across all your lenses, and see clickouts not only to external websites (which Squidoo provides already), but to lenses in the Discovery Tool, and tags as well. This lens by thefluffanutta provides all the information you need to set GA up for your lenses.


Matias said...

Over $400 is great. Congrats. :)

Tier 1 lenses earn over $30? Huh, that's more than I thought.

Sara Duggan said...

What an amazing payout - I remember being totally stoked when I earned $3. I think the highest payout was when I won a contest and that was close to $100. I average about $20 - $40 but I am learning more about sales pages or product pages so hopefully in the coming year I will see a $400+ payout - that is nice.

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