September 16, 2011

September 2011 Squidoo Payout

The famous Blue Box has arrived in our dashboards again, although the actual PayPal payments will apparently be a day late (Sep 16). I'm pleased to share that I'm getting yet another highest-ever Squidoo payout - $817 - this month.

It's truly phenomenal (for me, anyway), especially considering I haven't been working on my lenses all that much lately. This is largely thanks to the increasing tier payments:

Ad pool:

Tier 1: $32.83
Tier 2: $5.58
Tier 3: $0.28

In-Text Ads*:

Tier 1: $9.02
Tier 2: $1.53
Tier 3: $0.08


Tier 1: $1.45
Tier 2: $0.25
Tier 3: $0.01

*InfoLinks have apparently been replaced by Vibrant In-Text Ads at some point (served from They do not appear for my country at all, so I can't really say whether they are more annoying than InfoLinks or not. I suppose the general idea is the same. However, the tier payments from these new ads are definitely good!

Big Squidoo news this month include Squidoo Magazines (a sort of replacement for groups), and possibly the option for lensmasters to use subdomains (like, currently in the testing phase.

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Pumpkin Tree said...

Awesome! Congratulations on your Squidoo earnings. I wish I could do that well on Squidoo. Please be sure to check out my Squidoo lenses

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