February 23, 2013

Get Paid ClickBank Commissions via PayPal

ClickBank is a large affiliate network which pays generous commissions on digital products. Many lensmasters are using ClickBank to complement their Squidoo income. Regrettably, CB only pays via check (although some countries can use direct deposit). PayPal isn't available as a payment option.

So, how exactly can you receive ClickBank commissions to PayPal? By switching to VigLink, which I wrote about before. Instead of promoting ClickBank affiliate links directly, you use VigLink links. VigLink gets paid by ClickBank, and then sends you your earnings every month via PayPal. And there's no minimum payout, either!

There's a downside, too: VigLink takes 25% of your commissions to cover their expenses. So if it's just ClickBank you're promoting, it's probably not worth it. However, it is awesome for working with many different affiliate programs since you see all your stats in one place, and payouts from all merchants are combined into one. Furthermore, you don't actually need ClickBank, LinkShare, or CJ accounts to make money with their merchants.


Anonymous said...

Good information..I deeply appreciate

Edward Presto said...

I prefer PayPal to received money from my affiliate commissions. But since CB doesn't allow us to receive money through Paypal. I opt to open a dollar account to receive CB checks.

Lately my bank doesn't allow checked deposit abroad so I have to open another dollar account but this time they require me with initial deposit of 500$. I don't have that money and so I search for solutions to it through CB customer support.

Here's what I found. I could receive payment online just like I am using Paypal, withdraw funds to my local bank, use it to pay for my online transactions and use the issued debit card to withdraw to any ATM.

Check my free tutorial here: How to receive payment from ClickBank without using Paypal

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