March 14, 2013

March 2013 Squidoo Payout

I've received this month's payment from Squidoo, and with it came the expected drop in earnings. I only got $613, which I guess means I can't just sit on my ass anymore. I have to keep making new lenses just to catch up to what I was making before!

And here are the tier payouts, a lot lower because of the overall decrease in traffic that Squidoo experienced:

Ad pool:

Tier 1: $39.42
Tier 2: $6.70
Tier 3: $0.34

In-Text Ads:

Tier 1: $4.72
Tier 2: $0.80
Tier 3: $0.04

Google is such a fickle mistress. Yes, in the end it's Google that keeps us fed. The good news is, HQ seems to be working hard to get back in their good graces, although some of the methods seem a bit intimidating. I assume if you're reading this you've probably already seen the "important note" from the HQ which you have to agree with or get all your lenses locked instantly. I applaud the initiative to get rid of spun content, but I'm also worried that all these fance automated filters will result in a lot of false positives.

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