March 6, 2013

New Limits on Likes and Blessings

Two days ago HQ announced new limits on Likes (20 a day per IP or account). Then a day later an email went out outlining new Squid Angel blessing guidelines:

  • One lens can have up to 5 blessings active at the same time
  • Each Angel can bless up to 5 lenses a day
Both of these changes were well-received by the community, and understandably so. The limits are very reasonable and won't affect most lensmasters in any way. However, it should put a stop to massive like exchanges and automated scripts / bots. The latter have never been proven to exist, but people assume so because it's impossible to like thousands of lenses an hour like some accounts do.

I would have preferred them to remove likes from the lensrank algorithm entirely, but this is the next best thing. It still allows, at least theoretically, for self-moderation - that is helping worthy lenses rise higher than they would based on traffic and sales alone. In fact, putting a limit on likes and blessings makes them more valuable, so amazing personal lenses should do even better than before.

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